6 Reasons To Travel in 2018

2018 is upon us! It is time to break out our New Years resolutions, and we here at Nightborn Travel want to give you some great reasons to travel this coming year. Having travel goals is not only fun, but there is plenty to learn from exploring as well.

(1) Travel keeps me interested and curious. When I say travel, I just mean the act of exploring a new place, be that across the world or a restaurant you haven’t tried in your home town. Either way, it is refreshing to visit somewhere new, and it’s something hardwired into us humans. In short, exploring new places is good for your mind and body.

(2) Travel makes you a better person. Maybe a bold claim, but I think it’s true. When you leave the comfort of your warm and cozy home to travel (even if it’s just outside of your own city), you’re opening yourself up to different foods, cultures and histories. This is where being a responsible traveler becomes really important. Respect the places that you visit, treat the people that you meet well and accept your similarities and differences. Traveling is such a privilege, and if you treat each trip as such, I think you’ll have a great time.

(3) Travel helps with my anxiety (but not the way you might think). Some bloggers claim that traveling made their anxiety go away, but that is not true for me. It does, however, give me a reason to be excited about each new day. Experiencing new things is a great reason to push through hard times for me. Travel may be a good motivation for you too, in whatever shape exploring may take for you.

Things Travel Taught Us in 2017

(1) Do as much as you can, because you will probably regret the chances you didn’t take. One of my biggest travel regrets in 2017 is that I canceled my side-trip to the Chatham Islands of New Zealand. I was suffering bad anxiety at the time, and almost broke my hand. I was happy to rest at the time, but looking back, I always wish I had gone through with my full plan despite my worries.

reasons to travel

Pandora at night (c) ABR 2017

(2) Plan ahead! I know some people love to be spontaneous, and I am definitely not telling you to give that up, if that’s how you are. Even so, researching a location ahead of time will help you avoid missing stuff that you would have really loved to see. This is something that I am slowly getting better at, because I always feel sad when I am visiting somewhere and I realize I don’t have time to visit all the places I learn about as I travel.

reasons to travel

Lee’s Ferry (c) ABR

(3) You are capable of so much more than you think. I’ve planned international trips. I’ve driven on the left side of the road. I’ve successfully navigated through cities I’ve never been to before. I’ve gotten my butt on a plane, time after time, even though I squeeze my eyes shut and hold my breath through every take-off. Travel isn’t always easy (especially getting to your destination), but it’s worth every beautiful second. We believe in you, reader, and we’ve got your back.


Travel Goals in 2018

Whether your goal is to see all 417 national park units in the US, or to just visit one new restaurant in your hometown this year, we would ask that you share a singular travel goal with us for this 2018.

Travel responsibly, putting the environment and the people of the places you visit first.

reasons to travel

Fossil Creek (c) ABR 2017

If you have any questions on how to do that, we will be here, providing guides and discussions about seeing the world and leaving no trace.

Thanks for reading! -Katie and Aireona

reasons to travel

reasons to travel