What To Do In Illinois: Roadtrips, Hiking, and More

what to do in illinois

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When I told people that I was going on an Illinois roadtrip, I either got looks of disbelief or a sympathetic laugh. “There’s nothing out here,” more than a few people told me, as I trekked through the waves of agricultural lands dotted with picturesque farms and homesteads. As an outsider, however, I am here to tell you that there is, in fact, more than enough in the state for a weekend or even a week-long roadtrip. If you, like many of the people I met on the road, are wondering what to do in Illinois, this is the guide for you. I will give you the low-down on some of my favorite spots so that you can build your own trip, and I will provide a short itinerary based on my travels as well.

Hiking in Illinois

what to do in illinois

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Considering that Illinois is known for being a plains state, flat with [insert agricultural plant] it might be surprising to some that there is good hiking to be had there. But where there is a trail there is a way! And there are actually some really amazing parks to explore on your Illinois itinerary.

Shawnee National Forest

Shawnee National Forest is nestled down at the southern tip of Illinois, making it somewhat hard to get to (from Chicago anyway), but it is well worth the drive. Not only is the forest free to use but it is home to some absolutely otherworldly and beautiful landscapes that even a world traveler would enjoy. For a very comprehensive guide to the forest, please see the Unofficial Shawnee Forest website. I used this to pick out a few places that I visited during my own roadtrip, the Garden of the Gods and the Little Grand Canyon; it is a great resource.

Garden of the Gods
what to do in illinois

Garden of the Gods (c) ABR 2019

The Garden of the Gods is definitely at the top of my what to do in Illinois list. It is completely unexpected amidst the rest of the Illinois landscape, and even reminds me of some of the places that I have visited in the Southwestern US. Of particular interest to anyone who makes it out to this area, the Observation Trail is a short walk out to the stone columns for which the place is named. Whether you are a casual or expert hiker, this easy trail will get you some of the best views in Shawnee, as far as I am concerned. For people looking for more time on the trail, there are more miles to be explored elsewhere in the Garden of the Gods. There are also bathrooms at the end of the road in this part of the forest.

The Little Grand Canyon
what to do in illinois

The Little Grand Canyon (c) ABR 2019

The Little Grand Canyon was another must-see for me, particularly because I come from the Grand Canyon State. In terms of Illinois hiking, I think that this trail is a more difficult option that will appeal to more experienced hikers. This trail will take you out along a ridge, before leading you into a tranquil bend in the rocky walls of the rim. You will have to do a bit of basic bouldering, climbing down past waterfalls down to the bottom of the little, dead-end canyon. Once there you will follow along a side stream of the distant river before making your way back up to the parking lot. All in all, if you are able to do the whole loop it is about 2.9 miles long. Sadly, when I visited, a big section of the trail was flooded, so I wasn’t able to do the whole thing. Be sure to check on the trail conditions on the national forest website so that you can make the most informed decision about visiting and hiking this trail.

These are just two spots amid many that you can choose from in Shawnee National Forest, but do note that the forest is very large, and you will need to budget your time carefully while planning to visit this area. Driving from one end to the other is very time consuming and may require navigation of twisting, rural roads, which may be surprisingly mountainous for an Illinois road.

what to do in illinois

Shawnee National Forest Map (c) USFS

Other Hiking Spots

As mentioned in our guide to Designing Your Perfect Chicago Itinerary, there are also some amazing places to hike closer to Chicago. When thinking about what to do in Illinois, hikers should consider some of these smaller parks.

what to do in illinois

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Starved Rock State Park: Starved Rock is a great place to chase waterfalls in Illinois. It is currently free, but there are ongoing discussions about charging people to park right now. While the park is only 90 miles from Chicago, with traffic, it can take up to 2 hours or more to get to Starved Rock from downtown.

Waterfall Glen: Hiking Illinois is the perfect way to see the beautiful and wild side of the state, even in the heart of the city. About an hour from the heart of Chicago, Waterfall Glen has more than 11 miles of hiking trails and supports an amazing amount of biodiversity. You can also fish and practice your orienteering skills in the park. This park is free to access.


While Springfield might not compare to Chicago in terms of shear number of attractions, it is certainly the heart of history in Illinois, and for that reason alone it is a must-see on any Illinois roadtrip.

Lincoln Home National Historic Monument

what to do in illinois

Lincoln’s House (c) ABR 2019

One of the most special, historical aspects of Illinois is its fame for being the birthplace and home of Abraham Lincoln, one of the United States’ greatest presidents. The only home that Lincoln ever owned still remains in the heart of the city, in the care of the National Park Service, along with several other historical homes. Visiting this park will give you the opportunity to get an immersive sense of what Lincoln’s home life was like. You will also be transported back in time to the gravel streets of old Springfield, where Lincoln himself would have once walked. It is free to visit the park and take a tour of the house.  You do need to pick up tickets in the visitor center before getting onto a tour. During the high, summer season, you will need to get there early to insure that you are able to view the inside of the house. The park is open Mon-Sun 8:30a-5:00p.

Illinois State Museum

what to do in illinois

Cute installation explaining that no dinosaurs have been found in IL (c) ABR 2019

The Illinois State Museum might not be as famous as the big-name museums in Chicago, but it is a worthy addition to a what to do in Illinois list. There are few better places to learn more about the natural and cultural history of the state, and the staff have done a stellar job at creating an immersive, exciting experience for visitors. It is also extremely affordable, with tickets being $5 for adults. The museum is open from Mon-Sat: 9:00a-4:30p, Sun: 12:00p-4:30p.

“Road Side” Attractions

While Illinois may be known for its vast expanses of farmland, the state is also home to a colorful array of roadside attractions that can make any roadtrip enjoyable and fun. In particular, there are many quirky places to visit along the length of Route 66 in Illinois. Only in Your State has a great guide to these attractions. But don’t stop there. Casey, Illinois is home to many of the world’s largest things, and we visited a few amazing roadside attractions on our Illinois roadtrip as well.

The Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum

what to do in illinois

Chevy Hall of Fame (c) ABR 2019

In the university town of Decatur, sits an unassuming building- the Chevrolet Hall of Fame. Most of their collection is of various pace cars from over the years. The also have historic Chevy models that will take you back to their earliest cars. We were lucky  to visit at a time where it was quiet enough for the staff to show us around and teach us about the various models. There is a story beneath almost every hood and this is the perfect attraction for any car-lover. The museum is $12 for adults. It is open from 10:00am-5:00pm every day but for Monday, when that are closed.


what to do in illinois

Ewing Cultural Center (c) ABR 2019

There are plenty of attractions in Bloomington that make this city perfect for any list of what to do in Illinois. The David Davis Mansion is a beautiful, restored Victorian mansion that you can tour. It looks like a building straight out of a classic ghost movie. Tours are offered Weds-Sat from 9:00a-4:00p, with the final tour starting at 3p. Reservations are not necessary unless you are coming with more than 10 people. Tours are offered for free although donations of $4 per adult is suggested.

Ewing Manor is another historic building well worth a visit. From May to October free tours of the buildings are offered on Mondays from 4:00p-6:00p. But if you happen to be in town on another day or outside of the high season, you can visit the center and stroll through the gardens and view the buildings from the outside.

Anderson Japanese Garden

You wouldn’t think that Japanese Gardens would be on an Illinois itinerary. In fact, one of the largest Japanese gardens in the US calls Illinois home. The Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford is 12 acres of serene pools and gardens. It is only open to the public from May to the end of October, and it is then open 7 days a week from 9:00a-5:00p. It is $9.50 for an adult ticket.


Hot dogs


chicago itinerary

Chicago hotdog (c) ABR 2019

You can find great, Chicago-style hot dogs throughout Illinois, and they are a must-try. I think Chicago is the best place to pick up one of these. I would suggest going to smaller restaurants in the older sections of town. That being said, there are some great places to get hot dogs in the suburbs as well. Just try to avoid chains if you want to get the best experience.


what to do in illinois

Krekel’s Burger (c) ABR 2019

There is a particular kind of smash burger that Illinois is famous for. One absolutely delicious place to get one is Krekel’s Custard in Decatur. There’s no place to sit in the restaurant, but believe me, it is worth a meal in the car to try one of these juicy burgers.


what to do in illinois

American Harvest (c) ABR 2019

“You managed to find the best restaurant in Springfield!” multiple customers exclaimed when we arrived at the American Harvest Eatery and admitted to coming all the way from Phoenix, Arizona. As such, I would be remiss to leave this out of my what to do in Illinois guide. For anyone staying in Springfield, this is a great place to get fresh, artful meals with healthy, vibrant ingredients that change with the seasons.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Driving to Springfield

what to do in illinois

Ewing (c) ABR 2019

(1) It is about a 3.5 hour drive from Chicago to Springfield.

(2) Stop at the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie to hike and potentially see some bison.

(3) Take time in Bloomington to visit the David Davis Mansion and the Ewing Cultural Center.

(4) Arrive in Springfield and have dinner at the American Harvest Eatery.

Day 2: Shawnee National Forest

what to do in illinois

Garden of the Gods (c) ABR 2019

*This is a long driving day- start early if you want to do all of these activities.

(1) Drive through and hike the Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest (this is about 3.5 hours from Springfield).

(2) Hike the Little Grand Canyon (this is about 2 hours from the Garden of the Gods).

(3) Check out the Cahokia Mounds near St. Louis.

(4) Sample local ciders and get dinner at the Brick River Cidery in St. Louis.

Day 3: Springfield

what to do in illinois

State Capitol (c) ABR 2019

(1) Visit Lincoln’s House for a tour.

(2) Stop by the Illinois State Museum.

(3) Drive up to Decatur (45 min) for lunch at Krekel’s and a stop of the Chevrolet Hall of Fame.

(4) Return to Chicago (3 hours)

Day 4+: Explore Chicago 

See our guide to designing your own Chicago itinerary for details.


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  1. A great place to visit. there are alot of things that you can do their. I have some family members that live these and we visit often. thanks for sharing

  2. Rhey

    i am surprised by the japanese garden, but i checked out the website and it looks so beautiful. recently started getting into nature walks and gardening again so this would definitely be on my personal itinerary.

    • waitingforrain28

      I was surprised too! The only sad thing is that they aren’t all open in the winter and early spring, so we weren’t able to visit the largest one.

  3. Great road trip! I lived in Illinois for a year and did get to enjoy the Lincoln Home. I definitely have a few more ideas to store for my next adventure. The Lincoln Library & Museum is also a must see if you travel that way again.

    • waitingforrain28

      I am always disappointed when I live somewhere and I miss stuff, but it is so hard when you are really busy, and we all are. :/

  4. I’m impressed! I was a skeptic about Illinois as well, but this guide has opened my eyes to a lot of nice places I wouldn’t have thought to look into. Thanks!

    • waitingforrain28

      Glad I could open your eyes to all the cool stuff there!

  5. Omg I would have LOVED to see the mansion! There is something so fascinating about how people used to live as well as architecture.


    • waitingforrain28

      The architecture is the honestly my favorite thing. I hope we always have beautiful, evolving ways to make homes.

  6. Sondra barker

    These pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing, I’d love to check out Chicago

    • waitingforrain28

      Chicago is honestly one of my favorite cities. It is great!

  7. Blair villanueva

    Some people dont appreacite their local place and thought there is nothing out there because maybe they oftenly stumbled it. But if we see it on a bright side like you do, many will realized that a place have awesome places to visit around.
    Every places are unique.

    • waitingforrain28

      It is always hard to see that the place you live in has amazing things to see, because you are there everyday!

  8. Lavern Moore

    This is a great guide to some great attractions in Illinois. There is much to do and see there. I would love to visit Chicago.

  9. Sheena Moncatar

    OMG, I just love the way you narrate your day’s events. Such a perfect narrative! I love your blog, although I have only been to the USA once in my lifetime but will definitely check out your blog from time to time. Thanks for sharing such a pretty awesome post!

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