Type: Sovereign Nation (1776)
Region: North America
Official Languages: None! (English is the national language)
Population: 325,365,189 (2017)
Capital: Washington D.C.
Currency: US Dollar
Cultures: The Many Cultures of the United States (Coming Soon)
Highpoint: Denali, Alaska
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 23 World Heritage Sites
National Parks: Breakdown of the US’s 417 National Park Units (Coming Soon)

The United States is the third largest country in the world by area, and has coasts on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It is unsurprising then that this country has a vast, and complicated array of ecosystems and cultures. We will be breaking down itineraries, national parks, and cultural information by state below.


What’s great about Arizona?
Legend has it that Arizona is the United States’ desert, and while it is home to the Sonoran Desert there is so much more to this place than Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and Horsehoe Bend. Our desert is lush and biodiverse, and we also have forests, grasslands, and a deep history to explore. Whether you are a resident, or a visitor we are constantly adding detailed posts to our guide to our home state. If you only have time for one state on your visit, you might love Arizona if you love wide open spaces, enjoy hiking, but are cognizant of the desert’s sometime harsh conditions. Learn more in our Guide to Arizona.

Do we even need to tell you why California is great?
Just about everyone knows about California, since it’s the home of Hollywood, Disneyland, and some of the US’ most famous cities. This massive state has no lack of places to explore (including one of our all-time favorite places, the California Channel Islands), and we will be posting on all the places that we visit in our neighbor. If you only have time for one state during your visit, you might pick California if you like to mix adventure with luxury, and/or are interested in all things US pop culture. Learn more in our Guide to California.

Home of the heart of the Rocky Mountains!

Colorado is famous for its wild, mountainous outdoors. It is home to Rocky Mountain National Park, the Colorado Trail, and part of the Continental Divide Trail, there is no shortage of hiking here. The state is also home to vast swathes of the Great Plains, deserts, shrublands, and more. Most of this is all at a relatively high altitude, with the state’s capital being known as the “mile-high city.” Learn more through our Guide to Colorado.

Theme parks, alligators, and more!
Florida is a big time tourism destination in the United States and for good reason! This state might just have the most major theme parks in one location in the world, and if not, most certainly in the US. Historic forts dot the state, and Miami is also a mixing pot of modern Caribbean and North American cultures. Finally, from the Everglades to the Florida Keys, nature is vibrant in this beautiful, tropical state. Learn more in our Guide to Florida.

World famous being being amazing.
Hawai’i is no simple place, although most people know it for its exceptional beaches, amazing mountains, and rainbow of ecosystems, all packed into several small islands in the middle of the Pacific. Learn more about its history, culture, and exploring these varied islands in my Guide to Hawai’i.

More than Chicago!
Chicago gets all the attention when it comes to travel in Illinois (and it IS pretty great), but Illinois has many hidden gems for explorers of all kinds. This is the state that Abraham Lincoln called home, and Illinois has some of the best versions of American food out there. While it is typically midwestern with lots and lots of agriculture, it also has beautiful natural beauty. If you are looking for a real slice of Americana, Illinois might be for you. Learn more in our Guide to Illinois.

Surprisingly fun!

Honestly, before I visited Indiana, I couldn’t have told you a thing about it – good or bad. But this understated midwestern state has everything you need! There are fascinating hikes in the southern, hilly portion of the state, and rolling, ancient dunes in the north. And Indianapolis is full of culture and history and home to the famous Indy 500 raceway. Learn more in our visitor’s guide to Indiana.

No place like Kansas!

Most people know Kansas as another Midwestern state full of corn and endless stretches of farmlands. While this isn’t entirely true, Kansas is a great destination for anyone wanting to explore the golden heart of the United States. Kansas City is a beautiful place to experience Midwestern culture, the state is home to monuments commemorating key moments of American history, and there are even wonderful places to hike and camp and entrench yourself in nature. Learn more in our Guide to Kansas.

Horses, gorges, and bourbon – oh my!

I didn’t really know much about Kentucky until 2020, when I read up about Mammoth Caves – the longest cave in the world. Of course, once I read about that, I wanted to experience that spectacular place for myself. When I was able to visit Kentucky, I was reminded that there is alot more to this state than caves. The Kentucky Derby is held in here (no surprise), and there are a variety of famous people who had their starts here. The hiking in Kentucky is also exceptional, with its deep gorges, beautiful rives, and grand arches. To learn more see our Guide to Kentucky.

The second biggest state in the US- the Lone Star!

Texas is known for its independent spirit, and vast open plains. But there is always something more to discover in this large landscape. Texas has no end of opportunities to explore nature, with trails through desert, swamps, and forests. This land also brings together the histories of many Native American tribes, Mexican people, European colonists, and American settlers. Learn more about planning to visiting the Lone Star State in our Guide to Texas.

The Wild West of the United States is still alive and well in Wyoming.

Wyoming is the least populated state in the United States, and it is home to the first national park in the world, Yellowstone. As well as one of my favorite places in the whole world, Grand Teton National Park. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are amazing mountains, towns, and culture around every corner in this beautiful state. Learn more in my Guide to Wyoming.