Tucson is Phoenix’s smaller counter part, just two hours to the south down I-10 from Arizona’s capital. While it is the second largest city in the state, Tucson almost feels like a small town, nestled at the base of two huge mountains. Tucson is home to the University of Arizona, the vibrant heart of the city, as well as a little downtown that has been in the midst of a revitalization for the past few years.

For people who love to experience the culture and history of a destination, Tucson was built by the Spanish in 1775. Before that it was the site of a mission founded by none other than Father Kino. Before that it belonged to the Tohono O’odham people, who’s sovereign nation is currently right next door.

For those nature lovers among us, Saguaro National Park is on both the west and east of the city. To the north are the beautiful Catalina mountains, where you can drive up the mountain and experience a Sonoran desert Sky Island for yourself.


Guilin: Our Favorite Spot in Tucson


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Tanque Verde Falls: A Hike to Holler About

Wasson Peak Trail: This beautiful 8 mile trek will take you into the heart of Saguaro National Park West for exceptional views of the city and a great Sonoran Desert experience.


The Tucson Rodeo (Annual event in February)