Texas is the second largest state by area in the United States. So, it goes without saying that there is a ton to explore there. Whether it is a hiking adventure in the deserts of West Texas, or delving into the history of the state in San Antonio, there is something for everyone here. We aren’t Texas natives or residents, so while we will share our experiences with the state here, we will also point you towards more information so you can learn more about this state and plan your perfect trip.

General Information

Type: State of the United States (1845)
Region: North America
Official Languages: English
Population: 29 million (2019)
Capital: Austin
Currency: US Dollar
Plug Type: A & B
Highpoint: Guadalupe Peak

The Nature of Texas

Although Texas is a very large state, it seems to have the reputation of being fairly boring in so far as landscapes go. While it is characterized by large areas of rolling hills and planes typical of the Midwest in general, Texas actually has 10 different ecoregions. These range from the deserts of West Texas, to the plains of the Panhandle, and the swamps of eastern Texas. You can learn more about the distinct ecoregions of the state at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

It might not then come as much of a surprise that the state is also home to array of different plants and animals, which rely on these different environmental types for their survival. Of these, a few are threatened and endangered by human related activities, and you can learn more about that in Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Endangered and Threatened Animals of Texas report.

If you are a nature-lover, don’t count Texas out as a great potential destination. The state has so much to offer hikers, campers, climbers, and more.

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Places for More Information on Texas Nature 

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Culture and History of Texas

The history of people in Texas is ancient, with people settling into what is now considered the state around 14,000 BCE. At least, that’s as early as we can confirm human habitation, but it’s certain that this land has long been home to people. As mentioned in the section above, the natural landscape of Texas are varied, and thus the cultures that developed across the landscape was varied as well. There were several different tribes living on the land at the time that European people began arriving, and a vibrant array of lifeways that Western culture likely has not fully realized even now.

In 1528, the Karankawa people encountered the Spaniards along the eastern coast of Texas, and by 1680, when the Pueblo people revolted against colonial forces, we know that conflict between immigrant Europeans and native peoples was heightening. From this point onwards, French and American peoples also become apparent, and various tribes including the Pueblo and Apaches enter into complicated histories of alliances, wars, treaties, and betrayals which would eventually result in colonial control of much of the state. (Although you can learn more about the three federally recognized tribes that still call Texas home below).

During 1820-1824, Mexico declared independence from Spain and a new colony was founded by Moses Austin in what we now know as Texas. In 1824, Mexico also begins to incentivize European colonization in Texas, but soon finds its claims on the land to be endangered by American settlers, such that it bans US immigration to Texas in 1830. However, the American presence in Texas had become strong enough that the Texans were able to stage a successful Revolution which resulted in Texan independence in 1836. Within a decade, Texas joined the United States at the same time that the US entered into war with Mexico in the US-Mexican war, which ended two years later.

In modern days, Texas is a part of the United States, becoming the 28th state in 1845. It is also currently home to three federally recognized tribes, the Alabama-Coushatta, Tigua, and Kickapoo. Its American culture is informed by its independent past, with many elements of their infrastructure and law having peculiar characteristics as compared to many other surrounding states. Texas also fought with the Confederacy during the US Civil War, and this also impacts the modern culture of the state.

To outsiders, Texans are proud, independent, and many are closely connected to their state as well as the US. The state, like the wider US, is a mixing pot of cultures, with uniquely Texan traditions, along with Mexican, Native American, and Midwestern influences.

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Exploring Texas By Region

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Central Texas

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South Texas

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Dallas/Fort Worth Metro

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East Texas

None Yet!


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