Phoenix has some extremely popular hikes right within city limits. You have probably heard of them – Piestewa Peak and Camelback Peak. But these famous hikes aren’t for everyone. They are very steep and very crowded, and for new hikers, these hikes can really turn you off. I’ve witnessed people really struggling on these trails and getting discouraged that they can’t do them. But hiking is like any other sport, you train to do it. You train to go further, to go on more difficult trails, and even just to keep up your skill levels and fitness. With all that in mind, whether you are a first-time hiker or someone who is just looking to add some variety to their training hikes, I’ve got a couple great options for you here. These are two peaks in the same section of the Phoenix Mountain parks – North Mountain and Shaw Butte.

There are loads of good hikes in this area, and you can adjust the length of your hike to match and track your progress. There is also a mix of paved trails and dirt trails, so for people who are really new to hiking, you can tailor your journey to your needs and comfort level.

These are also great trails to visit if you just haven’t been to them before, so let’s check out these great training hikes in Phoenix, AZ!

Training Hikes in Phoenix, AZ

training hikes in phoenix

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One of the things that has really helped me in my hiking journey is (1) training hikes, and (2) a variety of trails that I can train on. Throughout my life, my fitness level has gone up and down and so has my hiking fitness. So, sometimes, I have to start from the beginning in terms of distance and steepness. Having some good trails in my back pocket makes it much easier to get back out there and build my strength back up. When I am keeping up my fitness, these trails help too. They make it easy to get out during the week or a lazy weekend and just get some miles in.

In particular, I think having trails that you are really familiar with and which represent varying levels of challenge can help you get out and do hikes that are harder or easier depending on your needs that day. I also find that familiar hikes are just easier to get out on when you are feeling down or tired.

With that in mind, Shaw Butte and North Mountain were two of my go-to training hikes in Phoenix, AZ when I lived there. North Mountain is a shorter hike with a nicely paved trail. While the trail up Shaw Butte is a little rougher and longer. There are also loops of 4 and 6 miles that can be done, and several flat trails that you can enjoy in the park.

In short, almost no matter what you are looking for, you can find it in this part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.

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