I haven’t been to every national park in the United States, but I have been to a fair few. (Including the Cascades, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone). And I must say, I think that Grand Teton National Park are one of my all-time favorites. When I first caught sight of the rocky peaks, rising up over the valley floor, I couldn’t believe that I was in the US, and not in New Zealand somewhere. The mountains didn’t even look real, but more like something from a fantasy book.

easy hikes in grand teton national park

This place maintains its wildness, while also being a huge tourist draw. It’s crowded, but it’s magical. Besides a landscape that will make your jaw drop, Teton is full of wildlife. Taken together, great hikes, and beautiful views all make even the easy hikes in Grand Teton National Park an adventure.

Come with me now to explore some perfect, beginner’s lake hikes for your first time in Grand Teton National Park.

Easy Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

Hermitage Point Trailhead

easy hikes in grand teton national park

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Hermitage Point Trail leaves from Colter Bay Village, which is right off of the 287/89 and has food, gift shops and information. If you try to make it all the way to the end of the trail and back, it isn’t really a beginners trail (imho). It’s 9 miles long, round trip. But what makes it nice for beginners is that there are so many loops in this area that you can take to make it a shorter trip, or you can turn around at any time. The trail is fairly flat, however, so it’s a great option for a flexible option among the easy hikes in Grand Teton National Park.

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