Explore my guides to the nations of North America (and Central America) that I have experiences in.


Mexico is home to sweeping mountains, framed on two sides by the ocean, and home to natural wonders from the Sonoran Desert to the jungles of Yucatan. It’s culture is just as rich as its natural world, with world-famous food, music, and art. Much like my own home country of the United States, I will be exploring and posting guides on Mexico state by state. Click into my Visitor’s Guide to Mexico to learn more.

United States

The United States is my homeland, so most of my guides are focused on my very large home. It includes many ecosystems, and just as many cultures among indigenous Americans, and the “settler” ways of life in the United States. I explore my country state by state, so you will find more guides by clicking into my library of Guides to the United States.