When it comes to travel to the Netherlands, most people know a little something about the famous city of Amsterdam, and hope to see fields of tulips or a picturesque windmill in a green field somewhere. There is so much more to the Netherlands, and this country can cater to nature-lovers just as much as cosmopolitan travelers. Its national parks are surprising, and offer a unique mix of culture and experiences. Its towns and cities are extremely varied and lovely. And the Dutch people are warm, welcoming, and practical.

General Information

Type: Sovereign Nation (1648)
Region: Europe
Official Languages: Dutch, Frisian
Population: 17 million (2016)
Capital: Amsterdam (Check out No Man Before’s Undiscovered Amsterdam: Off the Beaten Path)
Currency: Euro
Outlets: Plug Type F with 230V 50Hz


Most countries these days have a mix of people that come from all over the world, and the Netherlands is no exception. However, the native Dutch and Frisian cultures are vibrant, unique, and of course, form the heart of the country.

Little Notes on Culture and History in the Netherlands

Cultures: Dutch, Frisian
Food: A Food Guide to the Netherlands


The Netherlands is a country focused on sustainability, and they have a history of agriculture and innovation. These things join together to form a landscape of verdant fields dotted with windmills (old and new), cottages, and unique Dutch architecture. The influence of humans is obvious almost every where in the this country, but that doesn’t mean nature-lovers won’t enjoy their visit here.

Highpoint: Vaalserberg (Summitted)
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 10 Sites
National Parks: Nature in the Netherlands: Three National Parks That You Have to See


The Perfect Five Days in the Netherlands for Nature Lovers


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