Namibia is a desert country that is made vibrant by its unique cultures and ecosystems. The country’s fauna and flora, many of which are found no where else in the world, are some of the best desert survivalists on Earth. It’s seaside desert, with its towering sand dunes, and colonies of adaptable sea lions, is an expression of life and geology that can be found no where else. Namibia also has one of the lowest population densities in Africa, but despite this, it is home to many different peoples with unique art forms, beliefs, and life ways.

General Information

Type: Sovereign Nation (1990)
Region: Africa
Official Language: English
Recognized Languages: Afrikaans, German, Otjiherero, Khoekhoe, Oshiwambo, Kwangali, Setswana, Silozi
Population: 2.6 million (2017)
Capital: Windhoek
Currency: Namibian dollar
Outlets: Type D and M
Side of the Road: Left


Cultures: Ovambo, Kavango, Herero, Damara, European Namibians, Nama, Lozi, San, Tswana (Learn about Seven Namibian Cultures)
Food: Food in Namibia by Know Namibia


Highpoint: Brandberg Mountain by Country Highpoints
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 2 sites
National Parks: 16 National Parks by Namibia: Endless Horizons

Trip Logs

Part One: Camping in Namibia for Five Weeks: Epupa Falls and the Himba People

Part Two: Camping in Namibia for Five Weeks: Etosha and the Namib


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