Bisbee: A Three Day Itinerary for History and Culture in Southern Arizona: Bisbee is an old mining town in Southern Arizona that has recently become an artist colony. It is a great place to learn more about the history of Arizona while enjoying one of the most beautiful small towns in the state.

Coronado Memorial and Tumacacori Mission: Weekend Hiking and History Trip: This weekend trip will take you to places that most people never see in Arizona, but these two national park units cover some key


California: The Ultimate Southern California Roadtrip: Hike for days in varied landscapes, and then wind down with some city exploration in Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

A Wild Ride Through Florida: Roadtripping Florida will be as much a delight for history lovers as for nature enthusiasts. You might be surprised at just how much this state has to offer.

Design Your Own Chicago Itinerary and Road Trip Illinois together will give you the opportunity to explore the urban and rural highlights of this midwestern state.

Utah: Mighty 5 Roadtrip: If you want a high intensity road trip that hits the most famous Utah National Parks, this is the itinerary for you.


Whirlwind Tour of Japan (Part 1) (Part 2): This itinerary has that perfect balance of nature and culture that I love so much. It isn’t restful, but it will give you a great taste of Japan.


An Adventurer’s Itinerary for the Dominican Republic: Don’t think that the Dominican Republic doesn’t have anything to offer you if you aren’t interest in staying in a resort. We’ve got hiking, beaches, history, and more in this self-drive tour of the country.


Perfect 5 Days in the Netherlands for Nature Lovers: The Netherlands is a pretty tame country, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be a wonderful experience for the nature-lovers among us.


10 Day Itinerary for the National Parks of the South Island, New Zealand: New Zealand has some of the best hiking in the world, I don’t think anyone would argue with that. Get the most of your time in the South Island with this itinerary.