hello, neighbor.

greetings and salutations, dear readers!


kartchner caverns, benson, az: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? GOOD.

my name is katie, and i plan to be a regular contributor around these parts. i’m an almost arizona native with a penchant for movie theater popcorn and photography.


kaleidoscope, lowell observatory, flagstaff, az: a universe within a universe

what you can expect from me:

local flavor (events, food and other fun stuff)
art and architecture (artitecture?)
weird blog and hash tags


mission san xavier del bac, tucson, az

and much more! so stick around and explore with me.



Working on Things for Night Born


Call of the Unknown and the Roots of Adventure


  1. Gail Santos

    Comgrats Katie! Looking forward exploring this site🙃😵😄

  2. fritz anne b cano

    wow this is something! keep it up katie and good luck 😘

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