Food Finds: El Chullo, a Peruvian Delight

Greetings, hungry explorers! It’s another segment of Food Finds, hot out of the oven. If you haven’t joined us at the table before, this is our guide to great food (usually local to Arizona). Today, we’ve got the scoop on El Chullo, Peruvian Restaurant and Bar.

El Chullo

If you read our last Food Finds about cozy Cambodian restaurant Reathrey Sekong, El Chullo is even cozier. This little Peruvian place is tucked into the corner of 7th St. and Virginia Ave. in mid-town Phoenix. The tables and bar seat MAYBE 30-ish people max., so if you’re bringing in a larger party (or really any dining party, especially on a weekend), call in and make a reservation.

For such a tiny tavern, they have a pretty wide variety of appetizers and entrees on their menu, so if you have questions (and had never tried Peruvian food before like us newbies), just ask your server. I’d also ask about their beverages that have a Peruvian twist, like Inca Kola. Honestly, this golden soda was a little intense on the flavor scale for me – but if you’re a fan of lemon verbena (it’s main ingredient), this is the cola (or Kola) for you.

I’d describe these dishes as comfort food, both hearty and warm. They also definitely don’t skimp on the portions. But, if you do still have room after these generous plates, don’t forget about dessert!

We tried the alfajor – a cute little cookie with a creamy dulce de leche center. It’s one of the desserts they are known for!

So if you find yourself in Phoenix, give El Chullo a try. We also heard that they might be opening up a second location not too far away on 7th Ave. sometime soon, so it’ll be even easier to sample some of this Peruvian goodness.

That’s it for this week’s Food Finds, but don’t be stranger – we have more on the horizon!

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  1. Oh my goodness I read this while hungry and that was a mistake! This all looks so good. I have a huge sweet tooth so that cookie is calling my name! I don’t think I’ve ever had Peruvian food so this is definitely something I’d love to try one day.

  2. Looks delicious and I am feeling hungry already.would love to try all of them specially the pink heart shaped cookie.

  3. This place looks amazing! While their dishes sound great, I’d definitely keep some room for a portion of alfajor!

  4. Eva

    All of that looks amazing! Definitely need to stop by if I’m ever in Phoenix!

    • waitingforrain28

      You will not be disappointed! Although, you will have to also save time for some AZ specialties!

  5. candy

    If I am ever in the area I will know where to go for some food. Everything looks delicious

  6. Quite interesting. I have no idea what is that since I live in PH but if the opportunity presents itself, i might give it a taste.

  7. This is making my mouth water. And I would like to try some.

  8. I really need to stop checking posts in the evening…. It all looks so good! Makes me hungry just looking and reading about your good experience.

  9. Oh my goodness Katie…I am so hungry after reading your post! I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of trying Peruvian food as of yet and I’m a Food & Travel Vlogger myself 🙂 However; El Chullo has now made the cut as one of my local eats to try out the next time I’m in Phoenix. I’m out in the SW so I will definitely try it next time I’m in Phoenix. 🙂

    • waitingforrain28

      You will love it! But of course, be sure to try some AZ specialties when you are out here too!

  10. KeshiaRichmond

    I would love to try the alfajor, a cute little cookie with a creamy dulce de leche center.

  11. blair villanueva

    I never tried a Peruvian food before and now makes me wonder if there is a Peruvian restaurant here in Manila. I want to experience it, like you do!

    • waitingforrain28

      Let me know if you find one there! I would love to see what style they have!

  12. Sheena Moncatar

    Oh, pondering now! I have been to many places in Southeast Asia but I have never been to a Peruvian restaurant. I mean most restaurants in one part of Asia would somehow sell/cater to other culture’s own taste. Say, a Japanese restaurant or Indian restaurant in Hanoi or a Vietnamese restaurant in Taiwan. But I have never ever seen a Peruvian restaurant. Now I am curious.

    • waitingforrain28

      I’d be interested to know if you find one! Let me know!

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