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Florida has alot going for it, and it is one of the most popular US state for travelers. This won’t be a surprise to anyone that has been to this neck of the world. Because Florida has something for everyone, plus great weather for most of the year. For nature lovers, the Everglades is a must-see, and there are trails all over the state to explore. For history and culture buffs, you can visit one of the oldest Colonial villages in the country, and explore the fascinating story of NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. Finally, I wouldn’t be a Disney fan if I failed to mention the wonders of the many Disney parks of Orlando. Whether you love nature or culture (or both), we have your comprehensive guide to some of the most amazing things to do in Florida.

Type: State of the United States (1845)
Region: North America
Official Languages: English
Population: 20,984,400 (2017)
Capital: Tallahassee
Currency: US Dollar
Plug Type: A & B


We cover the Nature of Florida in depth elsewhere, but any one looking at visiting this state should pause to take note of the many ecosystems that stretch from north to south here. Experience the beauty of the mangroves that root out of the ocean, and marvel at the alligators that rest in the shade of cypress trees, and swim among the corals. Everywhere you look in Florida, there are mysterious, green worlds to explore.

Highpoint: Britton Hill (345 ft)
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Everglades National Park
National Park Units: 12 (Florida’s National Parks on NPS website)

Our Posts on Nature in Florida

The Nature of Florida will show you via some very vibrant photos just how varied the ecosystems of this state really are.

Do you wonder what the reality of hiking in the Everglades is like? Well, learn all about the trails, mosquitoes, and birds in our guide to Hiking the Everglades.

The Florida Keys are also home to some very unique elements of nature in Florida, and we have A Short Guide to the Florida Keys to give you some insight into exploring the islands.

Places for More Information on Florida Nature

For all things hiking in Florida, check out the Florida Hikes! webpage.

Inventory all those national parks and plan to see them all using the NPS website.

Florida State Parks are also wonderful places to explore nature!


Human history in Florida, like the rest of the United States, belongs to the Native American explorers that braved the marshes and swamps. Their cultures were varied and remain to this day. They also live on through the patterns of human habitation, foods, place names, and more. Colonial history has also left a lasting mark on the land, particularly among the many forts and cobble streets in some of the old villages. For modern history and culture, look no further than Miami, Orlando, and places like the Kennedy Space Center.

Cultures: American, Seminole
Food: 13 Florida Foods to Try (From St. Augustine’s Tourism Website)
Guide to Visiting Respectfully

Our Posts on Culture and History in Florida

Forts, Forts, Forts will show you one of the best ways to learn more about the long history of Florida by visiting the many forts that are scattered across the state.

For more recent history, be absolutely sure not to miss the Kennedy Space Center. I wasn’t initially planning on going when I toured the state. It ended up being one of my most favorite places in Florida!

Seeing Miami on Two Never Ending Layovers will give you the low-down on what to see in Miami if you are short on time and transportation.

Finally, theme parks a relic of more recent history, but they still make a mark on our culture! The many theme parks of Orlando, Florida are as inspiring as they are fun!


Expedition Florida Roadtrip Part One and Part Two: If you are crazy like me and want to pack as many Florida highlights into a 10 day roadtrip as you possibly can, this itinerary is for you! If you aren’t into high intensity trip, these will highlight some of my favorite places in Florida for you to use in designing your own trip.

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