Five Natural Attractions in the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana seems to be where lots of people end up when they visit the Dominican Republic. After living in the DR for a couple months, I came to realize that this city is more like a theme park than a real part of the country. So, whether or not you are staying in Punta Cana for your tropical get-away, please be sure to consider these amazing natural attractions in the Dominican Republic.

Cueva Fun Fun

natural attractions in the Dominican Republic

The exit of Cueva Fun Fun (c) ABR 2016

Ok, Cueva Fun Fun is an activity that you can do from Punta Cana, but it isn’t in Punta Cana. The only way to visit this cavern is via a guided trip. But that’s fine because it takes a horse ride, a hike, and a rappel to get into the cave. That’s just the beginning of the adventure, because once you are down there you also have to wade through cold, subterranean water. Whether you are looking for an adventure, or you want to know more about the many jewels that the Dominican Republic has to offer, Cueva Fun Fun is a great place to start.

I have seen some seriously amazing caves in the Caribbean (Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico), and this was one of the coolest. They will pick you up from Punta Cana, so its a great trip for people staying in the Dominican Republic’s biggest tourism hub. That being said,  this trip is best suited for people that are comfortable with horses, heights, and swimming in the dark.

Pico Duarte

natural attractions in the Dominican Republic

A view from the side of Pico Duarte (c) ABR 2016

I have an entire series about my experience attempting the summit of the Dominican Republic’s highest mountain, so be sure to read about the whole adventure. Pico Duarte is a Caribbean place that’s unlike anything you have ever seen. The base of the mountain is draped in those tropical forests that we’ve all come to expect from the islands of the Caribbean.

As you struggle your way up the steep trail, you will make your way into a deciduous forest type that seems so ubiquitous to higher regions. The transition between the two is unbelievably beautiful, and the vistas from Pico Duarte are jaw-dropping. If you love hiking, Pico Duarte might be your favorite of the natural attractions in the Dominican Republic. You can even make the trip a bit cheaper by carefully driving to the base and hiring a local guide from one of the small towns at the base.

Bayahibe and Soana Island

natural attractions in the Dominican Republic

The beautiful waters of Soana Island (c) ABR 2016

Bayahibe, the tiny town near the larger village of Dominicus, is my favorite town on the whole island. It is small, safe, and so so beautiful.  I loved the peaceful atmosphere and amazingly fresh foods of this small town. Bayahibe is also home to a very cool non-profit called FUNDAMAR which works with local people to study and protect the marine mammals. Their hotel association is active in its efforts to make this area an ecotourism and sustainable tourism hub. In terms of activities, there is no end to the things you can do.

A day trip to Soana island will lead you to shallow waters with brilliant orange starfish, and a small island with a colorful village and grassroots effort to protect nesting marine turtles. There is also Padre Nuestro and the Parque Nacional de Este where you can explore some caves and even swim in one (although the trail markers in Parque Nacional de Este are non-existent, so be careful). Bayahibe is a haven for sustainable travelers and lovers of the outdoors.

Samana and Los Haitises National Park

natural attractions in the Dominican Republic

Samana Village and the surrounding forest (c) ABR 2016

Samana is the village to visit if you want to go whale watching, although this is changing. Even if you get to the Dominican Republic after whale watching activities move closer to Punta Cana, this town and the peninsula for which it is named is a must-visit. The village itself is quite lovely, and a long bridge out into the ocean. There are, however, lots of tourist hawkers here, so it can be a bit chaotic.

El Salto de Limon is nearby, and while it is threatened by climate change, this waterfall is too beautiful to miss. Besides whales, beaches, and beautiful towns, Samana is an access point for the beautiful Los Haitises National Park. Here in the otherworldy karst landscape, you can explore caves, grand mangrove forests and more with the help of a guide. There is really no end to the natural attractions in Dominican Republic’s northern peninsula.

27 Charcos

natural attractions in the Dominican Republic

A picture from Dominican Republic Has It All (click the image to visit their website!) because I didn’t have a waterproof camera. :/

I went to the 27 Charcos without really knowing what it was, although I knew there were waterfalls involved and my friends assured me that it was very enjoyable. It turned out to be one of the highlights of my time in the Dominican Republic. I do wish I had known a bit more about what this was before I went. The 27 Charcos tour will take you down a beautiful gorge with bright blue water and a string of waterfalls that you jump and slide down.

This definitely is not a tour for people with a fear of heights or water. Bring shoes that you are comfortable hiking in and swimming in. Our guide rushed us through the tour, unfortunately, and I would suggest that you take your time on the way down. Also, bring a waterproof camera or rent one, because this place is extremely beautiful, and I have never seen another place quite like it.

If you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic (or are just interested in learning more about the country) be sure to look through our country guide!


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    Very good article, don’t know if you are interested in knowing that the island is named Saona and not Soana. I am planning a trip there and this has been helpful. Thanks

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