Black lives matter.

If we truly are allies, we have to do better now and forever to speak out against and crush anti-black racism in our communities.

Below are just a few resources to get you involved, to help you start conversations, to help you learn. Feel free to share.  A couple of them are targeted toward the Asian community (Asian-American, here), but I think these practices can apply broadly.

Ways You Can Help

Anti-Racist Resource Guide by Victoria Alexander

20+ Allyship Actions for Asians to Show Up for the Black Community Right Now by Michelle Kim

6 Ways Asian Americans Can Tackle Anti-Black Racism in Their Families by Kim Tran

Let’s work to make anti-blackness unacceptable in every space we inhabit. Let’s show up for black lives.


Dear readers,

I wanted to take the time to express my support for the BlackLivesMatter movement.

I try not to ignore the dark history of our country, even as it saddens me to reflect on the tragedies of the past. One of the darkest parts of our history is the ongoing, systematic oppression of African Americans, which started with slavery and has continued through the misuse of laws and power structures. We should not continue to turn a blind eye to this, and change is possible, necessary, and moral.

African Americans have always and continue to contribute in every way to what makes the United States beautiful and vibrant. It’s past time for our communities to come together with them to elevate their voices and call for the changes necessary to make our shared home a place where we can all be safe, free, and supported in the pursuit of our dreams.

Here are some more resources, which were shared with me by my friend, Lisa:

How Do You Stay Resilient? – By Dr. Lisa-Marie Pierre

Anti-Racism Resources for White People which was compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020

And we also wanted to link out to some of our favorite Black, female bloggers/travel professionals for everyone to check out (in no particular order).

Learn.Grow.Pass is a complex blog- part self-care, part philosophical and ethical musings, this is a great place to go for thoughtful explorations of life and living it well. (This is also Lisa’s blog!)

interNATionalcaty has a travel blog, and she also helps people live out their travel dreams with itineraries, group travel, and more!

A Daily Dose covers a variety of topics, including societal issues, self-care, and living in the Caribbean.

The Thought Card is here to teach you how to afford travel no matter your financial situation.

Caribbean and Co. is building a comprehensive guide to travel in the Caribbean by someone from the Caribbean. I used her resources to plan my most recent trip to Montserrat before the pandemic!