Arizona is home to more than 20 national park units and three national parks. They represent a beautiful array of history and nature in our underappreciated home. We will be exploring these amazing parks as thoroughly as we can with the goal to see them all. We are currently 19% done with this goal.

National Parks

Grand Canyon

Petrified Forest


National Monuments

Canyon de Chelly

Casa Grande


Coronado – Just south of Sierra Vista and north of the border, Coronado is a wonderful place to hike (complete with a cave) and relive history as the place where Spanish explorers first cross into what is now the United States.

Montezuma Castle – There are two parts to this monument; the first is a paid trail to view the cliff ruins, and the second is a free area to view Montezuma’s Well.


Organ Pipe Cactus


Pipe Spring

Sunset Crater Volcano



Walnut Canyon – This park is home to a few short trails that will allow you to explore the ruins of a prehistoric Arizona culture, and enjoy the beauty of the canyon.


National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon

Lake Mead

National Historic Sites

Fort Bowie

Hubbell Trading Post

Tumacacori – Tumacacori includes the old ruins of a mission; now a beautiful place to explore, this place represents a tragic history of the oppression of Native American people in Arizona.