I’ve lived in Arizona my entire life, and I’ve been hiking religiously for over a decade, however, I have yet to explore the vast majority of my home. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I kept myself going by researching, planning, training for, and starting to work on several hiking goals. Below, you will find the full lists of my wider Arizona hiking goals, which include completing the Arizona 20-20 challenge, the Arizona Trail, thoroughly hiking the Grand Canyon’s many trails, and completing Falcon’s list of 120 trails in Arizona. See where I’m at with my goals, and learn more about all the trails I have explored so that you can plan your own trips!

Arizona 20-20: Peaks

The Arizona 20-20 Peaks include the 20 highest peaks in the state! So far, renewing my goal in 2020, I am 5% towards completing this goal. (Wish me luck!)

1. Humphrey’s – Arizona’s highpoint, the crown of the San Francisco Peaks.
2. Baldy
3. Escudilla
4. Kendrick
5. Webb
6. Heliograph
7. Chiricahua
8. Flys
9. Snowshed
10. Miller
11. Wrightson
12. Monte Vista
13. Blue
14. Elden – Mt. Humphrey’s little sister! Still challenging but not quite as hard.
15. Bill Williams
16. Carr
17. Lemmon
18. Clark
19. Sentinel
20. O’Leary

Arizona 20-20: Canyon

The Arizona 20-20 canyons are the 20 lowest points in Arizona. I am 15% done with this goal and I officially started working towards it in 2017.

1. Grand Canyon
2. Tuckup
3. Paria
4. Oak Creek
5. Jumpup
6. KP
7. Salome
8. Kanab
9. Secret
10. Jacks
11. Bear Wallow
12. West Clear Creek
13. Fossil Springs – Near Payson, AZ, this popular trail will take you down to beautiful, lush falls with a swimming hole.
14. Havasu – Havasu Canyon is the jewel of the Havasupai Nation in northern Arizona; travelers here will enjoy travertine falls, but must get permits and camp for several nights to visit.
15. Long
16. Hack
17. West Fork Oak – Near Sedona, AZ, West Fork is the perfect place to view fall colors in the desert, but the trail requires many creek crossings.
18. Sycamoree
19. Wet Beaver
20. Agua Fria

Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail travels from Arizona’s northern border with Utah, all the way down to its southern border with Mexico. Starting in 2020, I would like to tackle this trail passage by passage. Currently, I am 2% there. (Wish me luck!)

Southern Passages

Passage 1: Huachuca Mountains

Passage 2: Canelo Hills East

Passage 3: Canelo Hills West

Passage 4: Temporal Gulch

Passage 5: Santa Rita Mountains

Passage 6: Las Colinas

Passage 7: Las Cienegas: A 13 mile trek through the Sonoran Desert lowlands south of Tucson.

Passage 8: Rincon Valley

Passage 9: Rincon Mountains

Passage 10: Redington Pass

Passage 11: Santa Catalina Mountains

Passage 11b: Pusch Ridge Wilderness Bypass

Passage 12: Oracle Ridge

Passage 13: Oracle

Central Passages

Passage 14: Black Hills

Passage 15: Tortilla Mountains

Passage 16: Gila River Canyons

Passage 17: Alamo Canyon

Passage 18: Reavis Canyon

Passage 19: Superstition Wilderness

Passage 20: Four Peaks

Passage 21: Pine Mountain

Passage 22: Saddle Mountain

Passage 23: Mazatzal Divide

Passage 24: Red Hills

Passage 25: Whiterock Mesa

Passage 26: Highline

Northern Passages

Passage 27: Blue Ridge

Passage 28: Happy Jack

Passage 29: Mormon Lake

Passage 30: Anderson Mesa

Passage 31: Walnut Canyon

Passage 32: Elden Mountain

Passage 33: Flagstaff

Passage 34: San Francisco Peaks

Passage 35: Babbitt Ranch

Passage 36: Coconino Rim

Passage 37: Grand Canyon – South Rim

Passage 38: Grand Canyon – Inner Gorge

Passage 39: Grand Canyon – North Rim

Passage 40: Kaibab Plateau South

Passage 41: Kaibab Plateau Central

Passage 42: Kaibab Plateau North

Passage 43: Buckskin Mountain

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an extremely spiritual place and one of the most beautiful parts of Arizona. I want to thoroughly explore this wonderous landscape by completing a variety of trails in the canyon starting in 2020. As of right now, I am 7% there! (Wish me luck!)

South Rim

Tanner Trail

New Hance Trail

Tonto Trail- New Hance Trail to Grandview Point

Grandview Point to Horsehoe Mesa – This is an extremely challenging day hike that is worth the intense elevation gain if you are in the shape for it!

Grandview Trail Loop

Tonto Trail- Grandview Point to South Kaibab Trailhead

Shoshone Point

South Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Campground

Bright Angel Trail to Bright Angel Campground

Clear Creek Trail

Hermit Trail

Hermits Rest to Dripping Springs – This day hike had me turn around before the end because of how narrow one section of cliffside trail was, but it was beautiful!

Boucher Creek to Hermit Creek Loop

Tonto Trail- Hermits Rest to Bright Angel Trailhead

South Bass Trail

North Rim

South Canyon

Nankoweap Trail

Ken Patrick Trail

Cape Final

Cliff Springs Trail

Widforss Trail

Uncle Jim Trail

North Kaibab Trail

North Bass Trail

Powell Plateau

Thunder River and Tapeats Creek

Deer Creek

Tapeats Creek to Deer Creek

Other Arizona Hiking Trails

In order to explore the rest of my state, I’ve committed to completing Falcon’s Hiking Arizona list of 120 hikes. I started the trails on this list in 2016 with Brown’s Peak, and I am currently 8% done with this challenge.

Northeast Plateau

Rainbow Bridge Trail

Keet Seel Trail

White House Ruin Trail

Wupatki Ruin

San Francisco Peaks

Bill Williams Mountain Trail

Bull Basin-Pumpkin Trails

Kendrick Peak Trail

Walker Lake

Bear Jaw-Abineau Canyon Loop

Humphrey’s Peak Trail – This trail will take you to the Arizona Highpoint, the crown of the San Francisco Peaks outside of Flagstaff.

Kachina Trail

Weatherford Trail

Inner Basin Trail

Sunset-Brookbank Loop

Walnut Canyon Rim

Mormon Lake

Mogollon Rim Country

Sycamore Rim Trail

Kelsey-Dorsey Loop

Taylor Cabin Loop

Parsons Trail

Secret Mountain Trail

Loy Canyon Trail

Secret Canyon

Bear Sign Canyon

Thomas Point Trail

West Fork Trail – Near Sedona, AZ, this trail is a wonderful place to experience fall colors in the desert, but it will require several creek crossings to complete.

AB Young Trail

North Wilson Mountain Trail

Wilson Mountain Trail

Huckaby Trail

Munds Mountain Trail

Tramway Trail

Bell Trail

West Clear Creek Loop

Fossil Springs Trail – This popular trail near Payson, AZ will take hikers down to a lush spring with a swimming hole. This trail requires a permit, and is 8 miles long.

Kinder Crossing Trail

Cabin Loop

Chevelon Canyon

Tunnel Trail

Highline National Recreation Trail

Horton Creek

Hells Gate Trail

Central Highlands

Yaeger Canyon Loop

Woodchute Trail

Granite Mountain Trail

Pine Mountain

Y Bar Basin-Barnhardt Canyon Loop

Deer Creek

Browns Peak – Brown’s Peak is the highpoint of Four Peaks, the iconic mountains in Phoenix’s skyline. It requires 4WD and scrambling to summit.

Hells Hole

Barks Canyon

Dutchmans Loop

Fireline Loop

White Mountains

Escudilla Mountain

Apache Railroad Trail

Mount Baldy

KP Creek

Bear Mountain

Bear Wallow Trail

Phoenix Area

Cave Creek Trail

Go John Trail – A six mile loop that features beautiful Sonoran Desert and now a burn scar from the 2020 wildfire season.

Lookout Mountain – Lookout Mountain is a small but wonderful mountain in the middle of Phoenix-metro. It’s the perfect place to go for a short walk for all-encompassing views of the city.

Cholla Trail

Pass Mountain Trail – The perfect day trip trail for the Phoenix-metro area; this trail boasts views of several unique mountains, including the mysterious <Phoenix mountain.

Baseline Trail – This is a short trail in Estrella Mountain Regional Park that is great for families and solo adults alike.

Quartz Peak Trail – This trail outside of Phoenix leads to a unique (but hard to get to) quartz formation.

Margies Cove Trail

Table Top Trail

Tucson Area

Hunter Trail

Wilderness of Rocks

Butterfly Trail

Finger Rock Trail

West Fork Sabino Canyon

Mica Mountain

Tanque Verde Ridge

Hugh Norris Trail

Southern Mountains

Aravaipa Canyon

Powers Garden

Ash Creek Falls

Webb Peak

Safford-Morenci Trail

Cochise Stronghold East

Sugarloaf Mountain

Echo Canyon

Heart of Rocks

Buena Vista Peak

Silver Peak

Chiricahua Peak

Monte Vista Peak

Rucker Canyon

Mount Wrightson

Santa Rita Crest Trail

Carr Peak

Ramsey Canyon

Miller Peak

San Pedro River Trail

Summit Trail

Sycamore Creek

Atacosa Lookout

Western Deserts

Cherum Peak Trail

Wabayuma Peak

Harquahala Mountain Trail

Vulture Peak – South of Wickenburg, this steep peak offers some of the most beautiful views of the Sonoran Desert.

Ben Avery Trail

Palm Canyon

Squaw Lake Nature Trail

Betty’s Kitchen Interpretive Trail

Muggins Peak

Bull Pasture