Since about November of last year, I have been taking part in something called the 52 Hike Challenge. It’s pretty simple (and simple is beautiful)- all you have to do is go for a hike (or even just a walk outside) once every week! There are ways to make it more complicated if you’d like. (a) You can try to hike a new trail every week, or (b) you can do a variety of different hikes based on the original challenge (as listed on their website).

For me, and plenty of other people, this has been a really great way to keep me motivated, because hiking in Phoenix means waking up really early on the weekend. I’ve always loved hiking, but since I started this, I think it has allowed me to improve quite a bit, and explore more of the trails that are close to home.
Anyway, in the coming weeks, I’d like to share some of my hiking adventures with you all via a my 52 Hike Challenge series.

Week 15: Lookout Mountain Circumference