5 Reasons You Should Visit Sevastopol Station Before It Plummets Into KG-348

(1) Unbeatable Views: So many space stations are just hanging out in the middle of nowhere, but not Sevastopol. This lovely city in the stars hangs right over the beautiful gas giant, KG-348. Nothing could go wrong in this romantic, breathtaking location.

(2) Your Safety Always Comes First: A lot of us are worried about safety when we travel, but Sevastopol Station is definitely not one of those destinations. There are always Emergency Phones close at hand, and a state-of-the-art medical center just a ten-minute train ride away. Of course, the safety of residents and visitors is a priority for Weyland, so you never need to worry if aliens are running loose or the AI suffers a head cold.

(3) Let APOLLO Handle the Logistics: The APOLLO AI runs Sevastopol, and will take care of all your concerns for you. From public transit to medical care, this AI will keep things sorted for you, and make sure you have nothing to worry about for the duration of your stay. Just sit back and relax with some light reading.

(4) Make Best Friends with a Working Joe: Most androids are made to look as human as possible, and that can be confusing. This is not a problem in Sevastopol, where Working Joes have been made to look like the robots they are. If you want to be best friends with one, feel free! They are really good at hide and seek, and great for thinning out the crowds when you need some space.

(5) Check Exotic Wildlife Off of Your Life List: You wouldn’t think that there would be much by way of wildlife in a space station like this one, and you wouldn’t be wrong. That being said, this is one of just a few places where you can snap a picture of a Xenomorph. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.


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  1. Amber

    Ha, this is a fun read! The pictures made me giggle. I want to see an alien!

  2. This was great! Funny to read with lovely photographs. Truly a post to remember.

  3. Suze

    Wow I want to visit! Happy April Fool’s Day

  4. Love your sense of humour! I would certainly love to visit before it plummets into KG-348… sounds exotic! 😉

  5. Just in case, i would like to float and take many selfie for each planets 😀

  6. Roads and Pages

    That is cool! Would love to experience it too. It will be memorable to have an encounter with space aliens.

  7. Shelby bromley

    I’m slightly embarrassed that I forgot this isn’t real… so worth the read!

  8. Man, I know the husb would LOVE to take pics with a Xenomorph if we ever visit the Sevastopol Station!!! 😂😂😂

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