Ooh, Shiny: A Peek at the Tucson Gem Show

The Tucson Gem Show is a BIG DEAL. (And it’s not just gems – it’s fossils and minerals and other neato items.) It’s also considered one of the oldest and largest gem and mineral shows on this here planet Earth.

If you aren’t impressed yet, take into consideration that for a couple weeks it takes over downtown Tucson with vendors from all over the world (and it even has its own music festival).

Are you ready to race down to Tucson now? Are you putting the pedal to the metal? Well, hold your horses, because this year’s showcase is over. However, maybe some of these photos from the show can tide you over while you count down the months to the next gem show in late January of 2018.












If you’re not particularly versed in gems and minerals (believe me, I’m 100% not), you can see that there’s definitely still some great photography (and people-watching) potential here.

Don’t miss it when it comes around again – maybe I’ll even see you there.




24 thoughts on “Ooh, Shiny: A Peek at the Tucson Gem Show

    1. tigasngulo

      Even with how affordable a lot of the sellers are, there were plenty of really impressive pieces at this show, so I can see how it would be easy to spend A LOT. Thankfully, I was able to hold onto my money this time, haha.

    1. tigasngulo

      Ooh, it’s too hard to pick a favorite! I did pick up a lovely little ring and llama (yes, that’s right, a llama) carved out of stone.

  1. girlfromgirlintherapy

    Oh my, this is super interesting! We have a jewel show here, but it’s more of a luxury affair. The Tucson Gem Show looks more up my alley – my wedding band has amethyst (it’s not valuable but I really like the shade of purple) and I have a jade bangle from my mom as a wedding gift too. Love natural stones (other than diamonds)!

    1. tigasngulo

      Awww, you’ll have to change that! I really like the look of natural stones and I’m super enjoying the trend of them popping in jewelry and in home decor these days.

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